Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct defines the fundamental principles and basic values that we follow in our daily business dealings with employees and customers, suppliers, to the society and to the environment in the context of our worldwide business activities.

We act according to an integrated corporate concept that includes all the social, ecological and economic contributions of a company to voluntary social responsibility in a sustainable manner and going beyond legal standards.

In this respect, we have a responsibility to create and maintain a corporate culture in which compliance with the following standards is ensured legal principles as well as ethical principles are observed in the best possible way.

SCHWINGUNGSTECHNIK-BRONESKE GmbH agrees to observe the following principles:

Human rights and laws

• We support and respect the UN Charter of Human Rights and ensure that our corporate actions do not to participate in human rights abuses.
• We comply with the laws of the applicable legal system; this also applies, and in particular, to the ap-plicable laws on Fair competition, data protection,
  protection of intellectual property of third parties, combating money laundering and insider trading.

Basic rights of employees

• We promote equal opportunities and equal treatment of our employees - regardless of race or ethnic origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or other factors.
• We respect the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of each individual.
• We do not employ anyone against their will and do not force anyone to work.
• We do not tolerate unacceptable treatment of employees, such as discrimination, coercion, abuse, exploitation or sexual harassment.
• We provide adequate remuneration for our employees and guarantee the legally stipulated national minimum wage.
• We recognize the freedom of association of our employees. We do not favor or discriminate against members of employee organizations, or trade unions.
• We assume responsibility for the health and safety of our employees in the working environment.
• We take the best possible precautionary measures to contain risks and to avoid or prevent accidents and occupational diseases.
• We maintain and promote an appropriate occupational safety management system that includes regular training in occupational safety.

Suppliers and Partners

• We stand up for the appropriate promotion of compliance with the principles and basic values of this Code of Conduct by our suppliers and partners.
• We comply with the principles of non-discrimination in the selection of and dealings with our suppliers and partners in the same way as we do with our employees.

Export Control

• As a worldwide operating company, compliance with the current EU and national directives is one of our highest principles.
• When importing and exporting goods, services and information, we pay attention to compliance with regulations.
• We have no business relations with persons or companies listed on (EU) sanctions lists.

Corruption and bribery

• We will not tolerate or engage in any form of corruption or bribery, including, but not limited to, any unlawful payment offer or similar inducement to
  government officials and other decision-makers to influence their decision-making.

Child labour

• We do not hire employees who do not have the legal minimum age for employees.

Environmental protection

• We apply an appropriate environmental management system.
• We reduce environmental pollution within the framework of technically and economically appropriate possibilities beyond the limits required by legal norms and standards.


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