SB Broneske Solution

Vs. Anchorage Point Solution

SB Broneske Solution

Patented in 1973, the idea of the SB Broneske Solution

The SB Broneske Solution was invented in the early 1970s by Erwin Broneske and supports each pipe section with fixed points and anchorage points in a controlled manner. The SB Broneske solution fixes the pipe section, controls it and allows heat expansion at the same time. 

Exhaust gas pipes on board ships are usually supported by fixed points and anchorage points. Between pipe sections, pipe expansion bellows, so-called compensators, are used to compensate the thermal expansion. The SB Broneske Solution consists of the idea that each pipe section is supported by a fixed point (= two fixed point vibration mounts) and one or more horizontal anchorage points.

Heat expansion under control

In our solution, the exhaust pipe expands in a controlled manner and is stabilized by the anchorage points. In this case, the anchorage points allow thermal expansion. Between the pipe sections, exhaust gas compensators are placed, which enable and compensate the thermal expansion of the pipe ends. The well thought-out and long-proven solution requires some experience to calculate the vibrations and thermal expansion.

SB Broneske Solution: No thermal expansion damages the anchorage points - no uncontrolled movement in rough seas! 

Remember that in some regions of the world there are still few shipyards using a different system called Anchorage Point Solution. The solution is only used on very few shipyard, mainly to prevent detailed design costs. In the end, the ship owner pays high operational costs. Such a solution, for example, uses only anchorage points or redominantly anchorage points. They are usually installed at an angle of 45° and the pipe sections are hanging in these anchorage points. 

Unfortunately the Anchorage Point Solution has two disadvantages!


SB Broneske Solution: No thermal expansion damages the anchorage points - no uncontrolled movement in rough seas!

Download the flyer SB Broneske Solution vs. Anchorage Point Solution here.

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