On Board

SB Vibration Mounts

on Board of Ships

Main switchboards and many sub-distribution switchboards  are responsible for  the electric power supply on board of ships. SB Broneske manufactures highly effective vibration mounts for the superior abatement of structure borne noise and vibration on board of ships.
Especially offshore vessels are equipped with varoius electrical devices. Switchboards are required for power distribution. They need our elastic support. Ship designers have been selecting the SB isolation system to provide the low DB(A) on-board environment demanded on all modern vessels. Larger powerplants on new vessel types make even greater demands on vibration and noise abatement systems today.
SB elastic support of mainboards on board of offshore vessels ensures that no vibration is transmitted to the ship’s interior and the noise generated is reduced. Our SB vibration mounts help to avoid noise and vibration problems and prevent vibration-induced damage.
Request technical data for specific SB components and let SB professional engineering staff, assisted by AUTO-CAD and FEM design tools, provide you with a resilient support layout proposal and free cost estimate for your next switchboard installation project.
Please contact Schwingungstechnik-Broneske GmbH and ask for the project manager of SB switchboard installations: +49-4106-80750-0.