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SB Broneske utilizes its vast experience and expertise in the field of elastic support to benefit its customers through a range of free services enabling us to follow any project from as the design of the system to the installation. We assist you in developing the best possible solutions for your individual projects. 

SB Broneske's unique service portfolio:

Layout proposal

The first step in the way to a reliable exhaust pipe system is a drawing (2-D) or model (3-D) of the exhaust pipe arrangement. From the given specifications, our engineers derive the technical configuration of the elastic support system in close collaboration with the shipyard's technical staff. 

This layout proposal also plays an important role during the installation phase as all devices are already drawn into the pipe arrangement and installation engineers can easily identify the different installation positions and the corresponding equipment.

Vibration analysis

Knowing where the individual elastic parts need to be placed does not necessarily make a reliable exhaust pipe system. In the second step of our technical support we carry out the necessary calculations with our very own SB Broneske software. 

As a result it not only calculates the reduction of structure-borne noise for each position in the layout proposal, moreover, it helps us to identify which one of the SB Broneske mechanical parts is the best solution for it.      

Design office check list

Almost every exhaust pipe system is a unique and we want its design and subsequent installation to run as smoothly as possible. Therefore we have developed a so-called Design Office Check List. This check list contains many important aspects which are not solely in our hands, and should be clarified before placing a final order, in order to prevent subsequent complications.

Labelling System for correct installation

When our products arrive at the yard, they bear a sticker stating exactly where the system each piece of equipment needs to be placed.

Installation instructions

All the previous efforts would be wasted if the installation of the mechanical devices was carried out incorrectly. That is why SB Broneske provides very detailed installation instructions covering not only the right way of installing the equipment but also more basic issues like storage, handling, and safety instructions.


SB Broneske's goal is to provide its customers with the most efficient and reliable elastic exhaust support system. Every ship has its unique features and it is of utmost importance to attend to these very special characteristics and not provide an off-the-shelf product.

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