SB72 - Engine Supports

for Marine Engines & Generator Sets


The SB vibration mount series was developed with the co-operation of major European engine builders to specifically provide vibration absorbing supports for high speed and medium speed engines and generator sets. SB vibration mounts prevent the transmission of structure-borne noise to the adjacent environment and protect the resiliently mounted machines. Vibration mounts type SB72  are also used for the vibration isolation of boilers, silencers, waste heat boilers and as resilient support of deck housing. 
Selecting this SB vibration mount with a specific shore(A) hardness, top cover and rubber cone type combination gives the vibration engineer the ability to design a resilient mount system for a large variety of applications. 
Calculating the loads and the layout for resilient mounts can be complex. Relevant engine data, dynamic and static load factors, isolation requirements, cost restraints and the operating environment are all factors to be considered. SB Broneske technical staff uses a specifically developed software program to assist clients in selecting the correct mount system for a specific application.
The acoustic properties of the SB vibration mounts are exceptional and their geometric form and compact dimensions are designed to absorb high dynamic forces and amplitudes. This mount requires only minimal expenditure for the calculation of spring rates, construction and installation. 
Performance and quality of the SB vibration mount vibration mount is guaranteed by Schwingungstechnik-Broneske GmbH, a manufacturer of vibration isolation systems for the shipbuilding industry for over 25 years. 
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