Wind Turbine

SB Wind Turbine Isolation

for Power Generators

Vibration mount SB105W and SB106W for wind power generators
The vibration mount SB105W and vibration mount SB106W are designed for the resilient mounting of wind turbine installations. By supporting the foundation (base) of the machine housing on these heavy duty resilient mounts, noise levels are reduced significantly and wind turbine generators installation can be installed near residential housing.

 Picture 1: Typical installation of a SB Broneske vibration mount

These heavy duty vibration absorbers are designed for high dynamic loads and extreme temperature variations (- 40°C to + 80°C). Up to 350 000 N (30 ton) per mount dynamic load can be absorbed. These mounts come with provisions for easy installation.

Picture 2: FEM Analysis of the vibration mount SBW106

Typical layout of a Wind Turbine including elastic support for noise reduction:

  1) Generator 
  2) Machine housing foundation/ base 
  3) SB vibration mount SB105W 
  4) Foundation gondola 
  5) Wind turbine tower 
  6) Gear box 
  7) Shaft bearing 
  8) Brake 
  9) Propeller 
10) Shaft