Exhaust Pipe

Elastic Support

For exhaust pipe systems

Nowadays, ships carry the modern elastic fix point that had been patented worldwide by Erwin Broneske. We were first. Cruise ships, ferries, tugs, tankers, container ships, naval vessels, bulk carriers, oil platforms, research ships, icebreakers, high speed catamarans, high speed monohull ferries, luxury yachts, patrol boats and more... all have been equipped with SB Broneske vibration isolation systems for marine diesel exhaustgas installations. Since 1972 ship designers have been selecting the SB isolation system to provide the low DB(A) on-board environment demanded on all modern vessels. Larger powerplants on new vessel types make even greater demands on vibration and noise abatement systems today. By supporting the complete diesel exhaustgas installation on heat resistant, sound absorbing SB resilient mounts - calibrated for specific engine exhaust specifications - most (90 + percent) of the exhaust gas pressure generated structural noise, shock and vibration is effectively attenuated and isolated from the casing and adjacent hull section.
The primary reason, why more and more shipyards around the world install the SB exhaustgas isolation system is the outstanding structural noise abatement performance, but additional advantages are:

• World-wide approvals
• Ease of installation
• Long service life (15-20 years)
• Cost-effective
• Competitive price
• Impact / shock resistance
• Fit MIL. specs
SB vibration specialists offer a one-stop solution for all diesel related noise and vibration abatement projects. Consult SB professional engineering on the complete line of SB equipment:
• SB mounts for exhaustgas-uptakes
• SB mounts for boilers / incinerators
• SB mounts for engines and generators
• SB shock mounts (navy)
• SB sway brace assemblies
• SB expansion bellows and flanges
• SB pipe penetrations
• SB rain-caps

Request technical data for specific SB components and let SB professional engineering staff, assisted by AUTO-CAD and FEM design tools, provide you with a resilient support layout proposal and free cost estimate for your next exhaustgas installation project.